We believe that we can change, thus we try to do our best for learning from the nature. How nature could survive and being so well organized. In our farm, we try to be as independent as possible from industrial products, using less tractors (nearly zero), less fuel, minimum plastics (nearly zero), and zero chemical products (such as fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides). For painting the walls, we use certain soil instead of chemical paints and we renew it several times per year. We try to have natural materials like stone, wood, and iron instead of chemical products in the structure of our drying rooms and the cave. Using the residuals of the farm, we make the compost. Using some plants like Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia angustifolia), we make the solutions for controlling the pests. Biodiversity and some hotels of insects can help also controlling the pests and increasing the pollination and growing. Our packaging material is 100 percent natural like paper, starch (instead of glue) and metal clips, no plastics are used.
We try to be a part of solutions and not a part of problems for solving the problems of our environment like pollutions, limiting sources, global warming, etc.

And the stars and the trees prostrate.

Quran 55:6
Pickthall translation

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