For adults

Recommended posology for adults for the preparation of infusion of dried plants [Khalighi-Sigaroudi et al. 2013, Chevallier 2007]
   • A : 5-15 g/day or max. 100 g/week
   • B : 3-7.5 g/day or max. 50 g/week
   • C : 2-4 g/day or max. 30 g/week
   • D : 1-2 g/day or max. 15 g/week

For children

Recommended posology for children
- For children less than 6 months, no medicinal plants are allowed. 
- From 6 months to 1 year-old: 1/10 of the min. dose for adults.
- From 1 to 6 year-old: 1/3 of the min. dose for adults.
- From 7 to 11 year-old: 1/2 of the min. dose for adults.
- From 12 to 16 year-old: the weak dose for adults.

For over 70 year-old

Recommended posology for over 70 year-old.
At this age, the body can decompose less efficiently the medications as well as the plants. Thus, the recommended dose is reduced to 80 percent of the normal dose of adults. For very fragile individuals, we can even reduce the dose to 50 percent.
We are not physicians and no responsibility is accepted by Pak Guiah Bio for any incorrect and inappropriate usage of plants.